Thursday, 2 February 2017

                                  3rd International Conference on Transcriptomics
                                   October 30 - November 01, 2017 Bangkok, Thailand
After the splendid success of the “2nd International Conference on Transcriptomics” held at Philadelphia, USA during September 12-14, 2016 we proudly announce the “3rd International Conference on Transcriptomics” which will be held during October 30-November 01, 2017 at Bangkok, Thailand.
Transcriptomics is a cross-disciplinary area mainly concerned with transcriptome analysis and RNA-Seq. It emphasizes on how the next generation sequencing is replacing microarrays as the choice method for expression profiling and quantify overall gene expression level. Transcriptomics 2017 revolves around the theme "Transcriptomics: Exploring pathways toward novel research" which is all about simplifying the complex phenomenon behind transcription & protein expression, the ability to get an overall picture of disease transcriptomes & how it provides a clear understanding of the underlying genome which is converted into the functional proteins, patient classification, diagnosis, and individualized treatment.

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